Webrift is a Linux/Windows websocket server and javascript library that allows you to use the Oculus Rift in 3D web applications and games.

Download for Linux Download for Windows

And after installing & running...

Try Hello World Try Astray Try Oculus Street View


Install & Run


  1. Download & Extract webrift-linux.zip.
  2. Run either webrift-linux32 or webrift-linux64 according to your architecture.


  1. Download & Extract RiftServer_0_3-windows.zip.
  2. Find and run the bin/RiftServer.exe application.


After you've followed the install & run instructions above, you're ready to check out a demo online. There are currently three: Make your browser fullscreen for all the demos. The Hello World and Astray demos should automatically connect to the webrift server. The Oculus Street View demo will require you to enter the settings tab and activate the "External Tracker" option.